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The Affair Season 1-2-3-4 HDTV All Episode 720p & 480p (Showtime)

The Affair Season 1-2-3-4 HDTV All Episode 720p & 480p (Showtime)

IMDb Rating : 8/10

Genres : Drama

Details : Click Here [IMDB]

Stars: Dominic West, Ruth Wilson, Maura Tierney

15 | 1h | Drama | TV Series (2014– )

Storyline : A struggling novelist and a young waitress strike up an extramarital relationship that promises to forever change the course of their lives.


Download Season 4

Download Season 4

The Affair Season 4 Full S04 Download in 480p, x265 HEVC & 720p Free

The Affair S04E01 :-  720p  720p x265  480p version
The Affair S04E02 :-  720p  720p x265  480p version
The Affair S04E03 :-  720p  720p x265  480p version
The Affair S04E04 :-  720p  720p x265  480p version
The Affair S04E05 :-  720p  720p x265  480p version
The Affair S04E06 :-  720p  720p x265  480p version
The Affair S04E07 :-  720p  720p x265  480p version
The Affair S04E08 :-  720p  720p x265  480p version
The Affair S04E09 :-  720p  720p x265  480p version
 The Affair S04E10 –  720p HEVC x265 720p

Download Season 3

Download Season 3

The Affair Season 3 [S03] Download in 720p HEVC & 480p 

the.affair.s03e01.480p.mkv 13-Nov-2016196798269
the.affair.s03e01.720p.mkv 14-Nov-2016430206212
the.affair.s03e01.720p.x265.mkv 13-Nov-2016235534804
the.affair.s03e02.480p.mkv 21-Nov-2016175126651
the.affair.s03e02.720p.mkv 22-Nov-2016419739086
the.affair.s03e02.720p.x265.mkv 21-Nov-2016206745798
the.affair.s03e03.480p.mkv 05-Dec-2016162894068
the.affair.s03e03.720p.mkv 05-Dec-2016419603397
the.affair.s03e03.720p.x265.mkv 05-Dec-2016191369795
the.affair.s03e04.480p.mkv 12-Dec-2016201405404
the.affair.s03e04.720p.mkv 12-Dec-2016419596492
the.affair.s03e04.720p.x265.mkv 12-Dec-2016238709151
the.affair.s03e05.480p.mkv 19-Dec-2016184944221
the.affair.s03e05.720p.mkv 19-Dec-2016419789028
the.affair.s03e05.720p.x265.mkv 19-Dec-2016215839207
the.affair.s03e06.proper.480p.mkv 03-Jan-2017210093375
the.affair.s03e06.proper.480p.v2.mkv 04-Jan-2017197840159
the.affair.s03e06.proper.720p.mkv 03-Jan-2017487197993
the.affair.s03e06.proper.720p.x265.mkv 03-Jan-2017230798905
the.affair.s03e07.480p.mkv 09-Jan-2017181608105
the.affair.s03e07.720p.mkv 09-Jan-2017469136348
the.affair.s03e07.720p.x265.mkv 09-Jan-2017214854456
the.affair.s03e08.480p.mkv 16-Jan-201716059365
۴ the.affair.s03e08.720p.mkv 16-Jan-2017380018553
the.affair.s03e08.720p.x265.mkv 16-Jan-2017189804699
the.affair.s03e09.480p.mkv 23-Jan-2017169973444
the.affair.s03e09.720p.mkv 23-Jan-2017367113484
the.affair.s03e09.720p.x265.mkv 23-Jan-2017197982535
the.affair.s03e10.proper.480p.mkv 30-Jan-2017187897713
the.affair.s03e10.proper.720p.mkv 30-Jan-2017440751202
the.affair.s03e10.proper.720p.x265.mkv 30-Jan-2017221479860

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